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Posting After One Year

Ohh, I miss this blog. It’s been a year since I last posted here. I went kind of busy because, in 17 sad days, I’LL BE LEAVING THE FOUR WALLS OF MY SCHOOL.

Oh, yes, you should all welcome me to the world of unemployment, and sedentary lifestyle. Finally, I’ll be graduating. I was suppose to graduate last year. But since, I was a diligent and hard-working student, I didn’t try to catch up with the subject I was suppose to take. I went to school with only 5-7 subjects, usually a college student would have 8-9 subjects per semester. I spent a lot of time loitering around school. My mom got a little upset with me not being able to graduate on time. But, she got nothing to do about it and shrugged the thought off. I was a volleyball player in my first two years in college back in University of Negros Occidental, so I guess, I helped them in paying only the miscellaneous fees, which was around Php 500 to 1,000.

I still don’t have plans after graduation — where am I gonna work and what job I really want. I know I should start to think about it ‘cos it’s payback time to everyone who has helped me, especially to my Mom. I couldn’t go to school in the first place without them.


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..gave me this, Star Peanuts from Bohol.

It has rich flavor and really yummeh! No wonder it was called Bohol’s Finest.

It was given by her friend who visited Bohol for Christmas. My bestfriend’s so thoughtful, she gave me her pasalubong. hahaha. i love you bes :)

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Year-ender post

Time flies so fast that I hardly felt 2011 coming. And I can still remember what I did this time last year, which was 365 days ago. (last year, i was supposed to be buying a chocolate cake which ended up to a box of fruit cake and pizza. i wasn’t expecting high demand and low supply of chocolate cakes on New Year’s Eve. why do people prefer last minute shopping?? k. whatever. lol. )

2010 was not that good to me. I was lucky to survive challenges, disappointments, rejections, stress, stress, and stress. Thinking about new year, makes my heart fill with hope. New year, new beginning – another chance to get it right.

The first thing that I’m gonna do this year is to look for a job – a call center agent maybe. Working while studying – I know I can handle it. I SHOULD. I don’t want to give Mom another pain in the neck. Then, I should ace my grades this semester. So I could give her another Deans’ List Award. I should work hard. Next school year would be my last year in school. Then, I’ll graduate with pride thinking that I gave my best. These are my cherished desires for 2011 – fingers crossed.

Wish me luck, okay?

I better go and start making Fruit Float. Lola has sore throat so instead of Mangoes, we’ll be using Del Monte Cocktail Fruit, minus the pineapple.

And later, we’ll go to church, then have medianoche. Shots later with my neighbors – Aiza ang Alexa – i’m making the bar apple vodka mixes, Sprite with Lychee Juice.

So, ADVANCE HAPPY NEW YEAR! Looking forward to another year with you. GOD BLESS US ALL :)

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”
– Hal Borland


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My December is RUINED


– Mum won’t allow that foreign student immersing at home. I was looking forward to that. She called me last night asking me, “WHY DID YOU JOIN THAT (BALAYAN)?” and she was a little furious that time. When she was about to cry, she just said, “I’LL CALL YOU AGAIN SOON.” Then, I heard the dial tone.


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Hard Boiled Eggs

I remember… the good old days with my brother. Mom would usually serve us hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Palagi kasi namin nauubos. Funny thing is, my brother would eat the egg whites while I take the egg yolks. It’s called TEAMWORK :D

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It’s Paramore, Baby!


Origin Franklin, Tennessee, USA
Genres Alternative pop, emo, pop punk
Years active 2004–Present
Labels Fueled by Ramen and Warner Music Group
Website paramore.net

Hayley Nichole Williams

Hayley Nichole Williams

  • Nickname/s – “Hbomb”, “Hayleyball”, “Hayles”
  • born December 27, 1988
  • lead vocalist[and keyboardist
  • singer songwriter
  • red/orange/gold hair, make-up and  headbanging

Joshua Neil Farro

Josh Farro

  • Nickname/s – “Josh”
  • born September 29, 1987
  • lead guitarist
  • guitarist, backing vocals, and songwriter
  • brother of Zac Farro, the drummer of the band
  • Italian American
  • married to Jena Rice last January 3, 2010 (awwwww)

Jeremy Clayton Davis

Jeremy Davis

  • Nickname/s – “Worm”, “Schzimmy Deanie”
  • born February 8, 1985
  • bassist
  • oldest member of the band

Zachary Wayne Farro

Zac Farro

  • Nicknmae/s – “Z”, “Zac”, “Z-Dog”
  • born June 4, 1990
  • drummer
  • brother of Josh Farro, lead guitarist of the band
  • Italian American
  • youngest member

Taylor Benjamin York

Taylor York

  • Nickname/s – “T”, “Tay”
  • born December 17, 1989
  • guitarist of band
  • also plays the keyboard and glockenspiel occasionally during their live set
  • brother of Justin York of Cecil Adora
  • announced as official member of the band in June 15, 2009
Past members
Jason Bynum
John Hembree
Hunter Lamb

sources : wikipedia, paramore.net

They are one of my favorite bands! I have even downloaded all their songs on All We Know is Falling, Riot!, The B-Sides Bootleg, and Brand New Eyes. And I can listen to their songs the whole day! Another reason why they’re my favorite because each one of them have this funny side, especially Hbomb!

Their first song that I listened to was That’s What You Get and immediately became my favorite. It played in my head again and again. Soon, their song Decode became Twilight’s OST.

They write wonderful songs. The choices of words, the emotions on each line of a song – they are so captivating. Each song has a quality that is different from their other song. That made them my favorite.

Hope you could write more songs. I am looking forward to them! :D

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